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Our goal is to ensure every life we bring into being, be it colt or kitten, that these precious lives be prepared for the world beyond our home kennel. The kittens from birth to six weeks are handled daily and stimulated by a series of gentle movements that build up stress response to the point that by six weeks the kittens are able to handle change in environment, noise levels, sudden moves and the activity of ranch life with total aplomb. The cats are exposed to the noise and constant activity of family life, visitors and family. Our grandchildren are major helpers in the desensitizing of the kittens, their socialization and of course being showered with love and gentle handling.
Our buyers have all been raving about how calm and totally happy the kittens are when they first come out of the crate they have been shipped in across the country. They assimilate into new homes effortlessly. We try to keep a relationship with our new members of the SPLENDID RAGDOLL KITTENS Family, asking for progress reports, photos and success stories. We guarantee our kittens to be healthy and sound and should a kitten not work out we will either credit for another kitten or refund the purchase price if the issue is due to genetic fault. If a Kitten needs rehoming due to unexpected life issues we will do all we can to assist to accomplish it and to ensure a quality home. In the event your Kitten or catneeds rehoming, it is required that we have first option on the kitten or dog.

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Our mission is to breed the best quality Ragdoll Kittens and provide them to homes accross the country at the best possible price. We know how expensive this breed is and due to our love for it, we've developed effective breeding techniques that drastically cut down breeding costs, hereby bringing a usually affordable breed to families and a highly affordable price.